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Meet Parker! This boy is looking for a home where he can love his people at much as he loves them!


our mission



We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, no kill rescue. We rescue dogs that are without homes, whether it be due to fearful behaviors, lack of basic manners, or health issues. Providing the dogs the training and medical attention they need, we rehabilitate them to be adopted. Our dogs are crate trained, leash-trained and taught basic manners and obedience before being placed up for adoption.

Our Process


Training plays an extremely important role in the lives of our dogs. The majority of behavioral issues are learned—therefore, if behaviors are learned they can be unlearned, or re-taught by giving clarity and structure rather than have the dog try to figure out what is expected of it on its own. We specialize mainly in dogs that have fear-based issues or need some manners due to high-energy or lack of boundaries. Each of our dogs is assigned to one of our trainers on staff who specialize in different behavioral "issues." The trainer will then construct a training plan for each dog based on individual needs and once a dog completes their training process and is medically cleared, they are made available for adoption!

We do not do day of adoptions, rather we do a series of meet and greets. After receiving an adoption questionnaire that we feel would be a good fit for one of our dogs, we will contact the potential adopter to schedule a "meet and greet." During the meet and greets adopters can ask in-depth questions regarding personality, quirks, health, training, etc. We go over walking, crating, playing, and any obedience the dog may know.  The number of meet and greets is dependent on the dog being adopted and whether or not another dog lives in the household. After all human members of the household meet the dog of interest, we then schedule a dog meet and greet where we ensure the dogs get along before they go home.

All our dogs go home with a rabies certificate, a copy of their medical records, bathed, nails clipped, ears cleaned, any medications they may be on, and a week's worth of food. We are here to help for the entirety of the dog's life and aim to keep our pets in their homes. If for any reason an adopter is unable to care for their pet anymore all our dogs always come back to us.

We know a lot of rescues will only adopt out locally however, distance is not an issue to us so long as the adopter is willing to make the drive. We have had adopters come from all over the country including Michigan, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania!




Helen Rich

All my life, as far back as I can remember, I've been rescuing animals. I was the kid bringing home the bird with the broken wing. "Hey, Mom! Do we have any popsicle sticks? I need a splint!" Or the baby squirrels that fell out of the tree. "Mom! I need a box!" Today, I am living my own dream. Rescuing EVERYTHING I can! - Helen Rich

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