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Are you searching for your perfect match that will spend hours playing, hiking AND exploring? Well look no further! Riley is always ready for the next game of fetch and will happily partake in play time, no matter if it’s rain or shine! Prepare for a life filled with adventure when you take this girl home, because she is ready to take on the world with a smile and a tail wag. Riley will easily keep up with an athletic and active household and would be a great match for someone looking for a running partner! No matter what, she will always be there to brighten up your day and add new life into it. And if you're trying to show off to your friends, she's one that excels at obedience and is sure to wow everyone! She loves other dogs, but her play style definitely isn't for all — she definitely needs dog friends that are able to handle a more rough and rowdy play session. If you are interested in meeting Riley, please fill out an adoption questionnaire today!

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