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Yali came all the way from the streets of Mexico, to here in the US, on the hunt for his forever home! This boy is full of energy and endless love. He excels at making others laugh and absolutely adores all his friends, human and canine alike! Coming in at only 23 lbs, he's the perfect size for every outing and will happily join you in any outdoor adventure. He does like to talk quite a bit though, so unfortunately, even if his size is apartment friendly, his vocal nature isn't (unless you really really dislike your neighbors). Yali wants nothing more than to roll into your lap or onto a soft bed — he soaks up attention like a sponge! And if you're into rough-housing and wrestling, he will gladly partake. He's one of the smartest pups around and will do practically anything for a treat which makes training a breeze! He's really the whole package. Smart, adorably handsome, brimming with personality, the perfect size, loves everyone. We can't say enough good things about this pint-sized, big-eared pup and we know you'll fall head over heels for him the moment you meet him. So don't delay, fill out an application and come meet him today!

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