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Long legs, shiny hair, and a face that could melt your heart—no we aren’t describing the next top model! Meet Violet, a two year old stunning young girl with a sweet and gentle personality to match. Always happy to see her favorite human friends (big or small) this pup is prepared to stand up and wow everyone she meets. She is playful and loves to run, but knows how to settle down for a cuddle session when it’s time to relax. If you are looking for someone to have your back in the event of a stagecoach robbery, then we suggest a donkey, because Violet will gallop right out of there with or without you. Have you always wanted a horse, but never had the land to own one? Well, this lovable 95 lb giant may be able to fill that void in your heart, even if she doesn’t neigh. She is just waiting for her perfect home to call her own. So grab your halter and some sugar cubes and head over to to fill out an application today!* 


*Saddle not included. 

Violet 5.jpg

Good with older children

Good with younger children

Prefers a home without other dogs

Prefers a home without cats


Age Group: Young

Size: Extra-large (101+ lbs)

Energy Level: Medium

Special Needs: None


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