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Are you looking for goofy with a splash of smarts? Maybe you want a loyal companion to help you take down the Fire Lord and unite the four nations. No matter what the reasoning, Sokka is ready for the mission! This boy never fails to make you laugh with his quirky personality and rambunctious, playful attitude—if he could talk we're certain he would have a joke for every situation. He is a little shy at first and does take some time to trust the newest members of his friend group, so he needs someone who will be patient and not force their love onto him. Despite his timidness, like his namesake's trusty boomerang, Sokka will always find his way back when he knows he can trust you and never fails to help a friend out! If you're looking to complete your Team Avatar with a Sokka of your very own, fill out an application today!

Energy Level: High

Dog Selective


Prefers a home without older children

Prefers home without young children

Prefers home without cats

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