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Tiny and filled with the attitude you'd expect from a pup named after a fox demon, Shippou does not disappoint. Much like his namesake, this little guy is on the hunt to find where he belongs with a family he can call his own. Observant and always ready to bark at any sign of a threat (though he's really more afraid of said threat than anything), Shippou is sure to be a welcome addition to any group. Just because he's only 17 lbs, doesn't mean he doesn't have a strong spirit, and he will do just about anything to make the ones he loves happy, though don't expect him not to make a pointed or cheeky comment when you start playing around with him. He is happiest when being carried by his favorite companions and every day is the best day as long as he can spend it with his friends. While he does prefer women, he does know how to be friends with men, it just takes him a little longer to accept them (he is friends with Kagome AND Inuyasha after all). He's working on having dog friends, typically being a bit selective on who he gets along with, but every positive interactive has improved his stance on this idea of "canine companions." 

Do you think you have what it takes to add this pint-sized and lovable "demon" to your found-family? If so, fill out an adoption questionnaire today and we'll make sure it falls into the well and is transported into the right hands!


Good with older children

Good with cats

Dog selective

Prefers a home without young children


Age Group: Young

Size: Small (1-25 lbs)

Energy Level: Medium

Special Needs: None


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