Once upon a time there was a German shepherd named Sam. He had the looks of a prince and the heart of one too. All he ever dreams of is a backyard filled with tennis balls, one that he can spend each and every day running around in and playing like the puppy he is! When first meeting Sam everyone’s first reaction is to squeeze the big pup, but that’s not Sam’s cup of tea. He does best with slow introductions and truly getting to know his new friends first. Once Sam knows you, he’ll open up to be the goofy puppy he is. Because of his age and size, he would benefit from being with a handler who has experience with larger breeds and is able to keep up Sam’s manners. If you are interested in adopting Sam or would just like to know more about him, please fill out an adoption questionnaire!

Energy Level: Medium - High

Prefers home without other dogs

Prefers home without cats

Prefers home with children


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