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Have you ever found yourself longing for a companion that embodies the aesthetic of a wild African dog combined with that of a fawn? Maybe you're yearning to go out on endless quests with a gal that emits the regal disposition found in what we could only assume an Egyptian goddess would possess? Well Sahera may be the pup for you! Kind as can be with a healthy sprinkle of sass, she's the perfect addition to any home searching for a best friend that will shine as bright as the sun over the Sahara Desert! She does take a bit of warming up before she accepts someone as her new friend—being a feral dog during her early months of life made her wary of those on two-legs—but once she does, you're her friend for life. With a little bit of time and the right home, her confidence will soar as high as the birds! She will continuously wow you with her curiosity and her quickness to make friends with every living thing. She loves to bound around and does require a home that will have the means to provide the proper stimulation and exercise for a growing puppy. 

If you're interested in warming your heart and expanding your family with the unique gem that is Sahera, fill out an application today!

*Won't be fully available until after she heals from her spay on 11/23/21


Good with older children

Good with other dogs

Good with cats

Unknown with younger children


Age Group: Young

Size: Medium (26-60 lbs)

Energy Level: Medium

Special Needs: None


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