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Coming in at 12 inches 8 pounds it'sssssss ROSIE! What she lacks in size she more than makes up in personality. Sassy, confident, headstrong, and fearless, Rosie is bound to be a total K.O. for any potential adopter!

Rosie is a very happy and friendly Jack Russell Chihuahua mix. Rosie keeps a smile on her face whether she's getting belly rubs, charging after squirrels, or playing with her toys like a lion plays with its prey. Rosie is always excited on walks and is more than willing to protect and alert her owner to any threats both seen or imagined. Rosie does get along with other dogs, but prefers the company of herself or her family. She would love to find a home that embraces her boisterous personality and lets her live life to the fullest.


Energy Level: Medium

Good with older children

Good with young children

Prefers home without other dogs

Prefers home without cats

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