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With the charm of Keanu Reeves, the vitality of Tom Brady, the personality of the Tasmanian Devil, and the eyes of Steve Buscemi, Roger is the complete package. Walks? Better strap on that harness and hold tight, because you are going to sniff every rock, tree, and leaf at full speed. Playtime? With a couple barks and a whole lot of play growls, Roger has yet to meet a toy he can’t master. If your fingers are in the way that's ok, Roger is going to jump and snatch that toy anyways! Need a guard dog? If the sounds of his snores or heavy breathing don’t drown out the intruder, you can bet he’ll alert you with his 360° peripheral vision. Is Roger not coming when called? One crinkle of a treat bag will have him busting through walls like the Kool-Aid man to receive his reward. Dog friends? He can take them or leave them, but if you think for one second they’ll be allowed to quietly play with their toy, then you are dead wrong. They better prepare for the wild-eyed banshee to pounce. Are you trying to back him up with your foot? Threat level red, your shoes are now arch nemesis #1. So, if you’re looking for a dog full of personality to creepily stare at you in the crate like Pennywise, then head over to and fill out an adoption questionnaire today!


Good with older children

Dog Selective

Prefers a home without small children

Prefers a home without cats


Age Group: Adult

Size: Medium (26-60 lbs)

Energy Level: Medium

Special Needs: None

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