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Reba McEntire

Her roots are planted in Pasco

And though her life is changing fast

Who she is, is who she wants to be


A baby girl with one more chance

A victim of her circumstance

The one who ought a give up, but she's just

Too hard headed! (Literally)


A single mom who chews two squeaks

Who loves her friends and never stops

With raucous paws and a heart of a fighter

She's a survivor...


Reba is a hilarious fun loving pup who wants nothing but to bombard her humans with kisses and squeak her toys. Reba LOVES adults and children alike, although be wary... if you are her size she'll waste no time squishing you under her massive body. Reba loves her canine friends, however she requires strict supervision since she can be a bit of a bully and gets a kick out of starting fights with her friends (she's Queen B and just wants to remind them). Cats, chickens, and squirrels are out of the question. If you try to pull her away from her beloved live chew toys she will leap three feet straight into the air in protest! If you were interested in meeting and potentially adopting Reba then please head over to and thoroughly fill out an application today!

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