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Stop! You almost walked right pasta Penne! This tortellini awesome girl is ready to find her right dish. Penne is an 8 month old Chihuahua with a carb load of 8 lbs. She is very friendly to all types of doodles; elbow, bowtie, linguine.. but watch out for those feline-ccini’s, she doesn’t know what to make of them! Penne is pasta-tively amazing. Bursting with fusilli personality, vigor, and always a little saucy, Penne is sure to have you laughing all throughout your daily rotini. Looking for a wing-woman? Penne will help on all your ramentic endeavors (she’s seen the Lady and the Tramp pasta scene at least a couple dozen times). Out on walks Penne is sure to make her presence known to all, she ain’t alfredo no one! With Penne in your life, the pasta-bilities are endless!


If you are interested in being considered for Penne, please head over to to fill out an application today! Penne is dying to say “Pasta la vista” to this place!

Penne 1.jpg
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