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Are you looking for a faithful companion AND a best friend who will never leave your side? Well, you’re in luck! Look no further, because we have the perfect pup for you. Parker is ready to crawl into your heart and never leave. After being found as a stray and having no home of his own, this boy soaks up attention like a sponge and will protect his home and family to no end! He is always there for a snuggle session while watching Netflix, Hulu, Amazon video (whatever your streaming service of choice is). Perhaps you had bad day and just need some love? No need to worry about curling up in bed alone to lament—Parker will brighten your day with plenty of hugs and cuddle sessions. He’s loyal to the very end and wants nothing more than to be the giant lap dog that he is. If you're interested in adding Parker to your life, fill out an adoption questionnaire and before you know it you’ll have the newest addition to your home curled up at your side.

*Please note that Parker has displayed protective behaviors over his home/owners in the past. He requires an adopter that can handle these behaviors should they arise again and/or work with a trainer to continue the management of them.

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