What’s that? You’re looking for a faithful companion AND a best friend who will never leave your side? Well, you’re in luck! Look no further, because we have the perfect dog for you. Nykko is ready to crawl into your heart and never leave. This adorable little pup soaks up attention like a sponge and is always there for a snuggle session while watching Netflix (or Disney +). Out for a day hike to enjoy nature? Nykko will gladly join you! Daily trip to get a coffee? He’ll be there. Had a bad day and just need some love? Oh, you better believe Nykko will brighten your day with tail wags and lots of puppy kisses. Seriously, we aren’t joking when we say he will become the friend that never leaves you (think of a clingy significant other, but, you know, less creepy). He’s loyal to the very end. Still interested? Great! Fill out an adoption questionnaire and before you know it, you’ll have the newest addition to your home curled up at your side.

Energy Level: Medium

Good with older children

Dog selective

Prefers home without cats

Prefers home without young children


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