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Small in size, with a bit of sass and always carrying himself with class—Napoleon is truly fitting of his name! He's loving and sweet to his friends and "people," and will do all he can to protect them and his empire (or home) from perceived threats, so it's important that potential adopters understand how vital positive socialization and patience is for his continued success. He does have some anxiety and tends to get overwhelmed, especially with large groups of people or over-excitable dogs so he would much prefer a laid-back home where he can relax and snuggle up with his people. Kisses and giving hugs are some of his favorite things and you know you've won his heart when he starts whining with excitement when he sees you! Because of his breed, he will need frequent grooming trips to ensure he doesn't get matted, especially his ears.

So are you ready for your very own revolution in your life and prepared to make Napoleon the leader of your heart? If so, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!


Good with older children

Good with cats

Dog selective

Prefers a home without young children


Age Group: Young/adult

Size: Medium (26-60 lbs)

Energy Level: Medium

Special Needs: None


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