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It’s Wednesday night and you’re laying in bed scrolling through Facebook dreading having to wake up for work in the morning. You come across a Dodo video about an extremely terrified abandoned dog. Wide eyed and tail tucked, the dog skitters away from the county catch poles in fear while you listen to the narrator begin their story. By the end of the video you see a healthy loving dog curled up in their bed, smile stretching wide when its owner approaches. All because someone took the time and patience to bring this broken pup out of its shell. That’s Murphy.
Murphy has opened up some since being at the kennel, but it is nothing close to what he could achieve in a home. Murphy would love to find anyone with the time and patience to bring the thrill of life back into his body. Despite being extremely terrified of all things new we have seen the most improvement when he meets a potential friend, even going as far as to play bow… once. In fact he is so calm and gentle in his interaction with other dogs we often use him as our bridge to introduce our dog selective dogs to! He is a terrific walker on leash and loves to watch the world from the safety of his crate. Dinner time is his favorite time, but be careful you don’t slip in the puddle of drool! Overall Murphy would make a very enjoyable companion to anyone looking for a gentle, laid back, and unassuming partner to quietly pass the rest of his days with. 
Murphy is currently heartworm positive and has been going through the “slow-kill” method since May 2021. Adopters have the option of continuing this method or opting for Immiticide treatment. 
If you are interested in potentially adopting Murphy, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!


Good with older children

Good with other dogs

Good with cats

Unknown with younger children


Age Group: Adult

Size: Large (61-100 lbs)

Energy Level: Low

Special Needs: Heartworm positive


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