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Once upon a time, not so long ago, I lived on the streets of East Tampa with my pup-son Pugsley. I had more pups but one by one people picked them up and took them home. We wandered around living off the scraps of kind humans, but I dreamed of more…

One day two strangers came to pick us up. We were a little scared, but they were nice and assured us we were on the road to a better life. We came to OWAR and never looked back. My son has long been adopted and living his best life on the beaches of Miami, but I am still looking for my forever home. Not many people want to take a chance on a pittie mom, but I promise I am worth it. I am incredibly loving and cuddly. I sometimes get scared and pancake if I think you might hit me, but I try my best to make up for it by crawling into your lap. Once I’m sure you’re one of the good humans I’ll show you my award winning smile and even prop my ears up like the Easter bunny. Everyone gets a laugh out of it. I love all humans big and small. Sometimes the littlest of humans need to be careful around me. I’m a big girl and no lap is too small for me. I think kids are great, but they’re sometimes worried I might accidentally crush them with all my love and affection. I can be a little energetic and run around, but mainly I just want a nice cozy bed and a family to call my own! 

If you think you could give Morticia as much love as she gives you, head over to our website,, and fill out an adoption questionnaire today!


Good with older children

Good with other dogs

Dog selective

Cat selective


Age Group: Adult

Size: Large (61-100 lbs)

Energy Level: Low

Special Needs: None


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