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White and fluffy, round and squishy, sweet and delightful—these are only a few of the things this boy has in common with the popular Japanese dessert! Mochi is an easy-going boy who enjoys chilling (not in the freezer!) after a fun bout of playtime with a few of his favorite toys. At only six years old, he's had a tough life. When he arrived at OWAR, he was fifteen pounds with matted fur, overgrown nails, and teeth that looked to have eaten a few too many sweets. With the help of a diet and lots of walking—and a dental and a nice grooming—he's become the new and improved low-calorie version of himself! And now that he's thinned out, he's looking to fill up his life with the love he deserves, so if you're looking for someone to share a little dessert with, take a bite of Mochi and put in an app today.


Energy Level: Medium

Good with older children

Good with cats

Prefers home without other dogs

Prefers home without young children

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