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Have you always loved those wonderful sky-puppies with their big ears and fuzzy bodies? Are you looking for a companion that's all a-bat you? Well we have the perfect combination for those who want nothing more than to snuggle a bat, but no ability to do so! Meet Jovie! This girl has the giant ears of a fruit bat and all the adorableness of one too. She's really quite fangtastic once you get through her shy exterior. She's always ready to hang out with her favorite friends, especially if that involves a nice walk through the woods. Rolling around in the grass and curling up in a nice comfy bed are two of her favorite activities. She's also been known to longingly stare up trees, whether to intimidate the squirrels there or just day-dream about her past life as a bat, we can't be sure! Not only a dream to walk outside, but inside the home, Jovie is a joy and is very well-behaved. She's quiet for the most part (or we can't hear her echo-location that she's sending out), potty-trained, and is perfectly content to just relax on any cozy surface she can find. What can we say? She's all 'bat' and more!

You'd have to be batty to not want this girl, so what are you waiting for? Wing it and fill out an application today!


Good with older children

Dog Selective

Good with cats

Prefers a home with no young children


Age Group: Adult

Size: Small (1-25 lbs)

Energy Level: Low-medium

Special Needs: None

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