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Order up! Venti soy triple shot caramel macchiato, extra hot, upside down, and two shots of Java!
This brew-tiful girl has a latte love to give and is looking for her forever home!

Java cannot expresso how much she enjoys going outside. She loves to milk her walks so she can watch all the squirrels in their trees. She'd be cold pressed to miss a single one. Java couldn't imagine going to a home that doesn't play her favorite game of fetch. Without her playtime that would be grounds to become bitter and stale.  Despite Java's serious looking mug, she is quite a frappe and easy-going girl who loves to kettle down on the couch and take a coffee break. She's just the face you want to see when you're feeling a little depresso; she gives the best mugs and kisses. So, whether you're looking for a dog to train with or just one to live la vida mocha, either way Java is the perfect blend!

Quit pro-caffeinating and head over to to submit your application. Adopting Java will have you saying "Where have you bean all my life? We're the perfect cup-ple."

Java 3.jpg
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