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Are you searching for your perfect match that will spend hours playing, hiking AND exploring? Well look no further! Jakk is always ready to greet you with exuberance and a tail wag, no matter if it’s rain or shine! Prepare for a life filled with adventure when you take this you boy home, because he is ready to take on the world with a bark and a smile. Jakk will easily keep up with an athletic and active household and would be a great match for someone who is looking for a partner to help keep them busy! He will always be there to brighten up your day and add new life into it with his goofy puppy-like antics. Whether it be hanging out in the backyard and throwing the ball, or traveling off the beaten-path and trekking through the woods, Jakk can't wait to be there with you!

If you are interested in welcoming Jakk into your home and expanding your family, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!

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