“I am my own muse. I am the subject I know best.” – Frida Kahlo or Frida Chihuahua, probably.
Though small in size, this little lady packs a punch. Frida isn’t afraid to speak her mind and prefers to play by the rule of “look don’t touch,” but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t enjoy brief pets and some quality time with her favorite friends. She loves going on long walks through nature… and by walks we mean she loves being carried while YOU do all the walking. When she isn’t busy begging for treats, she’s burrowed away in blanket, letting out sassy grumbles to let you know she’s still there. So if you’re looking for 4 lbs of sugar and spice (LOTS of spice), come meet Frida today!

Energy Level: Low


Good with cats

Good with older children

Good with other dogs

Prefers home without young children


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