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Do you find yourself sitting and wondering 'when will my life begin'? Or perhaps you are waiting for a handsome (though slightly obnoxious) runaway thief to find his way into your tower? Well, prepare for the smolder — Flynn is here to prove that the only thing he steals is hearts! He's charming and quick-witted, while still being very much a puppy. Making friends is his specialty, so much so that even those at the 'Snuggly Duckling' can't help but fall in love with him. He loves other dogs, but is a bit scared of cats When it comes to human friends, he only needs a few minutes to ensure you're trustworthy before proclaiming his love and trying to save you from your pretend-mother-but-actually-kidnapper. 

This pup is truly a keeper and will fill every day with sunshine. If you're ready to start your fairytale happily-ever-after, put in an application today and in no time, you and Flynn will both be finding yourselves saying (or singing) "all at once, everything is different, now that I see you."

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