What's that? Is that a squirrel? Hey, I see my friend! Please, can we go say hi?! Is that a treat? Throw the ball human! I want to show it to you before I try to run away with it. Nevermind, I found this stick. Did you see the hole I dug? You're welcome. Can we go for a run? Wait, look how high I can jump. Karate chop! Sit? I'm an excellent sitter. Just.. right here? or... in your lap? Actually, could you pet me first. Let's have a staring contest. You lose. I'm hungryyyyy. Ok, goodnight.

Head over to our website, owar.org, and fill out an adoption questionnaire to come meet Dakota!

Energy Level: Medium

Good with older children

Good with other dogs

Good with young children

Prefers a home without cats


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