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Adorably tiny and endlessly happy, this little boy makes the perfect side to any dish! He's tangy and sweet all at the same time and wants nothing more than to run around with the biggest smile on his face or catapult into your lap for attention. He does great with other dogs his size, but the super big ones scare him a bit, resulting in a growl and a bark to warn them that he is *tough*. He's the perfect size to carry around with you everywhere you go and is always ready to greet new friends. Cole will make every day better, guaranteed, and every day will shine a bit brighter when you're greeted by the cutest smile ever.

So if you're looking for your perfect addition, one that will enhance every flavor of the day, look no further because Cole is ready to be the slaw to your BBQ!

*Cole-slaw can be adopted with his brother Dill Pickle

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