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This sweet little lady is looking for her forever people to help water her until she blooms into the amazing and confident pup that we know she is! Chey is a gentle soul with tons of personality. When she's comfortable, she's an absolute ray of sunshine, you just have to help clear the clouds of shyness away first. With her friends, she can't wait to charge up to them and do a little dance, just begging to be picked up so she can shower them with kisses. When things get too exciting, or too scary, she army crawls along the ground to get where she needs to go. And on walks, make sure you're taking a few minutes to enjoy the sun and watch as this adorable pint-sized pup rolls around as happy as happy can be in some nice long grass. Chey would like to be the only pup in your life, but don't worry, she's more than enough and will gladly meet every need you may have! On those lazy days, she won't hesitate to curl up at your side and snuggle in bed, but on the days you're ready to get moving, she's more than prepared to play some fetch or go for a nice nature walk! No matter what, this girl is a precious find!

If you would like to give Chey her forever home and brighten your days, fill out an adoption questionnaire today!

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