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Are you searching for your perfect match that will spend hours playing, hiking AND exploring with you? Maybe you want a singing partner who can reach those high notes you can't? Well do we have the girl for you! Cadence is always ready to greet you with exuberance and a tail wag, no matter if it’s rain or shine! And when is comes to singing (or howling) she knows just how bark with the perfect cadence to create that perfect harmony in your life! Prepare for a life filled with adventure when you take this girl home, because she is ready to take on the world with one of her biggest smiles and an adorable head tilt. Cadence will easily keep up with an athletic and active household. She would be a great match for someone who is looking for a partner to help keep them active or someone to spend time at the pool or beach with! If you do bring her to the dog beach, beware though because you may get some weird looks as her love for water does result in her chasing it around in circles as she tries to catch each water droplet and splash she makes.


She will always be there to brighten up your day and add new life into it. She's never met a person she doesn't like and is more than happy to make friends with all people big or small! So if you are interested in meeting Cadence, please fill out an adoption questionnaire today!


Good with older children

Good with younger children

Good with other dogs

Unknown with cats


Age Group: Young

Size (when grown): Medium (26-60 lbs)

Energy Level: Medium-High

Special Needs: None


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