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There's no bones about it, Bones is one amazing pup and is ready to fill your heart with all the love you need. When you meet him, you can feel it in your bones — he's the one, with his exuberant personality and 'humerus' ways. And his adorably large ears? Cute little tail wag? His award winning smile? Well those are all bone-uses! His quirks and goofy antics are sure to tickle your funny bone, especially as he's burrowing away in his bed with his face pressed against the cushion, or just bouncing around like a puppy! He's sure to keep you busy, seeing as he does like to stay active, but don't worry, on those days you're bone tired, he's more than happy to just hang out by your side. His favorite thing in the world is going for car rides and he would be the perfect companion for anyone who travels a lot or even a trucker looking for their partner in crime!

Tibia honest, we can't say enough good things about this pup. So time to bone up and fill out an application today!


*Please note that Bones requires a strong handler that is able to be consistent and provide Bones with the structure he needs to excel in a home environment. While he is very sweet, he does display some resource guarding and insecurity in the home that requires an extended warm-up period for him to fully trust his new family. Requires training outside of the kennel environment to help him adjust to home-life.

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