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Roses are red
And my name is Blue 

Come sit over here 

And I’ll tell you all the hullaballo 

I came to OWAR as a stray 

That much is true 

Wandering the streets 

Drinking nothing but dew 

I have a lot of hound in me 

You can tell by my hue 

So sometimes I can be quite loud 

I really love to woooooo 

I would love to find a home 

Maybe one with a whole crew 

I have lots of energy 

But can also be subdued 

I can be quite well behaved 

I’ll stick to you like glue 

Just take a chance and meet me 

It’ll be like all this time you knew 

We were meant meant for each other 

Just me and you 

If you were interested in meeting 

And knew he was the one to pursue 

Then fill out an application at 

And he’ll say “Merci beaucoup!” 

Blue 2.jpg
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