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Bursting with personality Alpine is the personification of mischief. Knick-named Dennis the Menace he is unlike any other. A little sassy with a whole lot of sweet (and then another dash of sass) Alpine is sure to keep you entertained for years to come. Alpine would do best in a home without children or other pets that introduces a healthy balance of love and structure. He is very eager for love, but just as eager to do what he wants. 

Alpine’s pros and cons: 

CON: Excited pees
PRO: How many of your friends get so excited to see you they urinate 

CON: Is wary of strangers
PRO: Has a small elite friend group, and you’re one of them! 

CON: Isn't a fan of wearing his walking clothes
PRO: Would do great in a nudist colony

CON: Long fur that gets easily matted
PRO: Looks like Fabio in the wind 

CON: Plays with dogs very intensely
PRO: Isn't trying to kill them

CON: Cannot have a blanket in his crate because he will hump it
PRO: Loves his blankets too much to eat them 

CON: Not a fan of being handled for medical procedures
PRO: Who is 

CON: Pretends he can’t hear you
PRO: Best “sit” and “down” in the county for a treat 

Alpine 2.jpg

Prefers a home without older children

Prefers a home without cats

Dog selective

Prefers a home without young children


Age Group: Adult

Size: Small (1-25 lbs)

Energy Level: Medium

Special Needs: None


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